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Koji Domoto

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Winter Camp 2008

Suddenly remembered something...
In winter 2008, I was going to Ji Mei, Xia Men (集美,厦门)in China for a study tour called Winter Camp. I, one of my cousins and one of my high school friends joined the study tour.
There, we stayed at Ji Mei University (集美大学) dorm. All participants were Chinese people who stay in another country all around the world, all came to attend the Winter Camp which was held in JiMei University.
This event held for the Chinese to know their ancestor and home-country more.
We got conversation class, singing class, calligraphy class, chinese drawing class, wushu class and history class there for about a week.
After classes, we usually went out for shopping in the night market. Everything were very cheap there... Oh~ I remember pocky green tea flavor... Delicious but no one sells here >.<

We were not only studying of course. We traveled around the province there. Going to ancient the museum (there was a Dinosaur fossil there, first time seeing, amazing!), the Chinese who lived outside China museum (this is kinda unique), the turtle graveyard of the founder Ji Mei University, Tu Lou, going to some island, antique piano museum, and many more....

Winter Camp 2008 participant:

Calligraphy class:

Tu Lou (土楼), this is made in war era for protecting people inside:

Founder of JiMei University's graveyard, turtle graveyard:

Night market:

Beach near graveyard:

View from dorm's window:

Also, when we were traveling, we once got accident there. Our bus crashed with very big container (red one in the picture below). Behind me, Winter Camp participant from Brunei got his neck torn, blood everywhere... Later, the ambulance came to take after her. So scary... Thanks to God I'm OK.  Now when I remember all, why always something scary happened when I was going abroad? =_=

Accident scene:

But it was fun. Going abroad always fun :) Looking for another trip again!

Posted at 08:21 am by Koji
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Friday, October 22, 2010
Going Back Home

Long time no posting lol...
Now I come back again, and want to share some story when I went back to my home-country China on early October...

I was going to Hainan Island (海南岛)
It was a beautiful (people say it's beautiful but I think all sea are the same lol) island.

First day, we must go to Malaysia for transit. The hotel wasn't that bad but very small and I couldn't even put my bag... Bad experience lol... Luckily we just stayed there not even a night... Only for about 3 hours, cause we had to take a flight again to Hainan Island.

We got to Hainan Island about 8 o'clock or something. I forgot.
My cousin collapsed there (and he bit his own tongue, very scary, bleeding everywhere), and my dad who speaks Chinese fluently wasn't there, so I was really busy asking for help cause my chinese is not that good (but the best of all who were there) and people there can't speak english at all!!OMG!
At last, I got some help from the hotel's staff there and my cousin was brought to the main hospital there and got city scan check up.
There, we went to the beach, to the Minority Village, diving, took a ship, and many more.

The airport in Haikou, Hainan Island:

Waterfall at The End of The Earth (天涯海角):


Beach's side:

My favorite,dim sum, we ate this every morning...Nice one!

Night view from the ship:

We went to Singapore after playing at Hainan Island. My cousin nearly collapse once again. His sister was afraid seeing her brother like that, so she stayed in my room for a while. This happened in 3am in the morning in another country which we didn't know everything... Everyone was so panic but... What can I do?

And then we went to Universal Studio Singapore. My cousin wasn't allowed to go there and angry.  But how if he suddenly collapsed again? So we just let him angry and not going to USS.
Later, we went home. In the Singapore's Airport, Changi, they got some events for F1 things, so we played car racing and car remote control. I got number 1 and got a prize. I was really having fun. Looking for another exciting trip next year!

At Universal Studio Singapore:

Posted at 01:43 am by Koji
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Thursday, January 07, 2010
Thanks Sandan XD

Ah, udah brapa lama ini mau posting, tapi lupa. Ahaha...Kemaren ini aku dapet kiriman Myojo yang udah agak lama sih, tapi covernya KinKi Kids...Dikasih dari Sandan XD Walau agak telat, tapi thanks banget yah Sandan >.< Dari dulu sampe sekarang kamu tetep the best~!! XD

Posted at 06:21 am by Koji
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
[DVD KinKi] You Concert

Nah, liburan ini, aku gak kmana2...Tapi kk ku pergi ke Hong Kong...Aku nitip DVD KinKi You Concert...Wuiih, dibeliin, bagusss banget >.< isinya ada 4 dvd, disk 1-4..
Nih foto2nya..

Yang putih isinya disk 1 n 2

Yang merah isinya disk 3-4...

Tambahan, aku nitip beli juga gantungan kunci di Disney Land...Dibliin Stitch...Wuiih..

Ahaha...Banyak dapet oleh2 deh ;p

Posted at 06:00 pm by Koji
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Saturday, October 31, 2009
CD KinKi [Swan Song]

Kemaren ini KinKi baru aja ngerilis lagi CD...Setelah skian lamaa, akhirnyaaaa....Judulnya Swan Song. Klo didenger2 melodynya agak sama sama salah satu lagu di D Album...Tapi bagus sih, bagus. Hehe. Covernya bagus...(cuma sebenernya agak gak suka klo koichi rambutnya gak lurus) tapi keseluruhannya bagus. CDnya jg bagus, motif gelembung2 sabun gitu. Haha. Tapi berhubung ini udah kesekian kalinya pesen CD, jadi sebenernya udah gak seneng banget kaya pertama kali datang, udah biasa sih wakakkakakak...Nih foto2nya....

Depan n blakang...


Cover Depan..

Hehe ^^

Posted at 06:10 am by Koji
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Never Ending Spirit

Don't have any dime
To find for a ride
Just in this time
We need to look inside

To love and to be loved
Walks in my mind
A problem that can't be solved
Even if we find

Can't stop this overflowing emotion
No matter how great is the sorrow
Just walk in a slow motion
For a brighter tomorrow

Hard to move
To make the best hit
The power of love
Makes a never ending spirit

By: Koji Domoto who is still in love...
Special note for someone special in my heart...

Posted at 08:15 am by Koji
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An Endless Love

This heart starts beating
When you begin to smile
This brain can't stop thinking
Even we're apart for miles

Love never lies
It's not just a game
Love never dies
It's not just for fame

We are on the different way
But walking together
Don't know anything to say
But understand each other

Try to move
Even got a fever
An endless love
Will last forever

By: Koji Domoto who is in love...
Special note for my love...

Posted at 08:13 am by Koji
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ada award, meski saya gak tau apa2 ya sudahlah...


Alright, sekarang tugasnya:

1. Put these awards into your blog.

2. Tag 5 (properly 10) friends. 






    3. Tell them about these awards. Roger
    4. Share this links to others and to whom these awards tags. Roger

Selanjutnya disuruh jawab pertanyaan dibawah ini, ngikut aja dah... :
  1. Five things found in my bag : Laptop, dompet, hp, buku, alat tulis
  2. Five things found in my purse : KTP, duit, kartu plajar, foto, receh
  3. Five favourite things in my room : Laptop, KinKi stuff, hp, dompet, ranjang!!
  4. Five things always wanted to do : Jadi drummer, jadi pemilik Microsoft, Jadi pemilik google, ketemu KinKi
  5. Five things I currently into : Hmm...Baca bleach, drum, denger lagu, rekaman, dota...
  6. The person who inspired you now is : Awal maybe hehe
  7. Punya hand phone ? Jaman skrg gak punya HP?
  8. Merk / tipe handphone ? Nokia 6630, tar lagi mudah2an ganti jadi E75 kwkwk
  9. Warna/thema apa yg dipakai sekarang ? biruu
  10. Wall paper ? : Ferrari
  11. Warna casing ? Silver
  12. Aplikasi/folder yg pertama kali kelihatan begitu tekan tombol menu ? Contacts I think...
  13. Bahasa yg digunakan di Hp ? English
  14. Kapasitas baterai saat ini ? Full
  15. Pakai slot memori / jenis ? NCP?lupa
  16. Total kapasitas slot memori ? sisa kapasitas yg blm terpakai ? 60MBan
  17. Choice ; banyak terisi utk apa memorinya ? Video n image
  18. Ada fitur koneksi Bluetooth ? ada
  19. Nama Bluetooth kamu saat ini ? Koji Domoto
  20. Aplikasi yg sering kamu gunakan ? Ebuddy
  21. Sisa pulsamu saat ini ? 13rban
  22. Provider seluler yg kamu pakai ? Simpati
  23. Nomer Hp ? 081320155***

Posted at 07:16 am by Koji
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Tahun Ajaran Baru

Minggu lalu aku memulai taun ajaran baru di kelas 3 SMA tepatnya klas 12...Sebenernya sih, soal susah gak masalah bagi aku, tapi yang jadi masalah kalo dikasih pr kebanyakan...Nah, guru Mat-ku yang mengaku dirinya ganteng dan tak pernah salah juga cerdas sehat dan kuat dan masih narsis2 laennya, adalah seorang guru yang membuat masalah itu!!Dy ngasih pr banyaknya bukan maen, berkisar 50 ke atas...Bukan cuma itu!!Bagi orang yang gak masuk skolah, kcuali masuk RS, bakal dikasih paket soal (1 paket kurang lebih 50 soal) Ckckckck...coba bayangin, gak cengli banget dikasih pr gara2 sakit doank!!Pokoknya dia gurunya olo2, macem2 banget lah, MATEMATIKA ADALAH PLAJARAN PALING DIBENCI!!

Kejadian hari ini...Temenku,cewe, kmrn gak masuk, sakit. Hari ini dy paksain masuk, soalnya ada pelajaran Mat, bisa bahaya kalo gak masuk!! Trus, baru nyampe jam plajaran ke 2, dy pingsan di klas...Heboh banget, sampe geser2 meja, trus gurunya langsung gotong dy...Di bawa ke UKS...cuma gara2 itu!! Padahal, masuk skolah ato ngak, urusan amat sih loe guru mat, yang rugi kan murid, mo bolos kek, mo apa kek, lu ga ada urusan!!
Benci bgt!

Posted at 11:36 pm by Koji
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Nonton! Garuda di Dadaku

Kmrn, aku ma spupuku nonton film Indo yang katanya sih rame, Garuda di Dadaku...jadi kucoba nonton...Jam 1 dateng ke BTC, tiketnya dah pada abis...keterlaluan, akhirnya bli yang jam 5, pulang dulu...
Pas nonton, yah...FIlmnya lumayan rame, tapi gak sampe rame banget gitu. Maknanya yang bagus sih klo mnurutku, dan perlu diketahui, dari film ini juga memberitaukan bahwa suatu kebohongan pasti akan berlanjut, suatu kebohongan pasti harus ditutupi kebohongan lain.
Yang kusuka dr tuh film tuh kochak juga, dibubuhi rasa humor yang lucu jg haha...
Yah, film Indo jg gak buruk2 amat lah...Wkwkkwk

Posted at 10:02 pm by Koji
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